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for such a long time. I kind of fell out of the fandom a bit...sorry about that. I also very rarely use DA anymore. I'm mostly over on tumblr.
But hey if you're a fan of Homestuck check out my fics, yea?
Also I'm selling some of my MH dolls. Not all are listed yet but take a look if you'd like.…

Don't except me to update anything here. It's highly unlikely that I will be posting and pictures and that fic has just completely died.
  • Reading: City of Fallen Angels
  • Playing: Assassin's Creed 2


Risa Case
United States
My other accounts:
:iconanyablood1632: (this is my main one that I spend most time on and post the most art on)
:iconmylittlecustomponies: (I share this account with my roommate and it's mostly to host our pony customization business)
:icondemondriver1632: (cosplay~)

Monster Parent: Dullahan
This is my current obsession. I may change it later :P

The order of my Fanfiction:

Monster High (1st)
Monster High 2
Gloom Beach
Monster University
Dawn of the Dance
School's Out
Dead Tired
Gloom Beach 2
Daphne's Story

If you want to make a siblings/cousin/crush/gf/bf for one of my OCs DO NOT be afraid to ask. It pisses me off more when people create them and ask afterward. Siblings and cousins are most likely going to get a yes (cousins have a higher chance). Anyone can have a crush on one of my ocs and as long as an OC does not have a bf/gf a crush will probably be accepted. Girlfriends and boyfriends have a lower chance but it doesn't hurt to ask. If one of my OCs is not tied down I may be looking for a significant other anyway.

I have a total of 41 ocs >.>
(the number needs to stop going up...ugh...)

They are:

Dahlia Elfkin - Daughter of an elf
Fiera Blaze - Daughter of a dragon
Aqua Drop - Daughter of a water pixie
Elvira BloodMoon - Daughter of a vampire
Matilda Rose - Daughter of a fairy
Marie Decap - Daughter of Headless Mary
Nearly Headless Nina - Daughter of Nearly Headless Nick
Pristina Masters - Daughter of a doll maker
Netty Masters - Daughter of a doll maker
Daphne Elfkin - Daughter of an elf
Serena Nottees - Daughter of a siren
Devlin Byrne - Son of Oilliphéist
Patrick Byrne - Son of Oilliphéist
Tripp Rostner - Son of a Pyromaniac
Corbin Mance - Son of a Necromancer
Calli Mance - Daughter of a Necromancer
Tahla Waroc - Daughter of a witch
Layla Droid - Daughter of the scientist
Taya Katze - Daughter of the were-tigers
Ailika Pranford - Daughter of a pran
Willow Treson - Daughter of the Willow Tree (friend's story)
Darla Rose - Daughter of a fairy
Tara Hostner - Daughter of a Pyromaniac
Clawdia Wolf - Daughter of the werewolves
Pegasus "Peggy" Gorgon - Daughter of Medusa
Skelly Ton - Daughter of the skeletons
Bridget Waroc - Daughter of a witch
Vampira Creep - Daughter of a vampire
Hollow Vondergeist - Daughter of the ghosts
Gary Goyle - Son of a Gargoyle
Garlin Goyle - Daughter of a Gargoyle
Cy Borg - Son of a human
Wendy Spears - Son of William T. Spears
Dryma Addry - Dryad - Nature Studies teacher
Madison Droid - Daughter of the Mad Scientist
Marty Rose - Son of a fairy
Andy Droid - Son of a Scientist
Garth Goyle - Son of a Gargoyle
Silas Clops - Son of a cyclops
Skylar "Sky" Clops - Daughter of a cyclops
Greyson Wilk - Son of a grey werewolf
Catrina Lawson - Human
Lina and Leah Kissan - Daughter of the Werecats



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